change your wife, house, pants, hair, life

I wish I was in Austin for sxsw.. that's all I'm going to say.

Sofia Coppola is still a heartbreaker, ces't belle.

I found out she wrote a screenplay for her dad when she was super young; he directed it and it's called life without zoe, check it out on youtube... or don't because it's pretty bad.

Of course she would be here.

I just found out about the Copacabana club and so did you, so just do it.

This tree is blooming in my backyard.

My brown Barney co-ops.

It was my friend's birthday and I had no wrapping paper..

 I was Downtown and saw this cool building.

Sweater I bought from this Brooklyn vintage store.

...it'll happen to you.            

1920 stables converted into homes next to Washington Square Park.


Ears tuned and eyes peeled. 
See you later,