pony pony run run

i'm not going to comment on having an alternative life with an alternative girlfriend but this video is really simple and that's why i like it. a traveling journal. pictures are great but video puts you back where you just were.

when i can grow a beard and my voice doesn't crack, that'll be my life//

charles in charge

oh, and here are some pictures from last night:


feathers and dinner

mischieve in the garden of agave celebration tonight at the hollywood forever cemetery. then catalina island on sunday.. snorkel snorkelson for sure. water's gunna be soo cold.

stay tuned.



do you like bass



pink stallone

included in the latest issue of v man is a four page spread on ashley olsen. she's the creative one because she wears bracelets. 

interview by marc.

stay tuned,


santa babs

headed to santa barbara for the weekend to see the family.. i still hadn't found summer swim trunks but luck be a lady. organic loomstate trunks w new prada brown leather sculptures.. if you will, with silver ray's of light.

keeping it real,



this is bananas


wish i could embed it..



timelapses all the time

i want to feel what these videos want me to feel\\



superflat first love

if you've seen these f/w ads, it doesn't matter. just watch//

for those of you who really know me, you know i have a jones for all things japan (hey what's up liz). especially japanese animation. takashi murkami created a new video to celebrate his six year collab with LV and to honor their new small leather monogram multicolors. it doesn't get much better than this//

check out this site if you haven't already. quite interesting. louis vuitton journeys.



this is a wallace d. and salvador animated collaboration. production began in 1945 with a phantom premier in '03. destino is apparently being released on dvd in 2010// included is a documentary about the two artists and their history working together.

2010, stay tuned



homes in worn-out trees

in a place where things don't matter, everything means something.

i've fallen in love to find it's over before it started. 

traveling light,

// charles


a magazine for boys with problems

my territory is a doubt, 
perpetually in motion, constantly in need of redefining.
when I discover a place, I observe it, I scrutinize it by taking photos of it's every detail...
I break down the architecture,
to reconstruct it and make it mine.

*this is an insert by a photographer I read about in a magazine. He talks a lot about spaces reconstructed and viewed through alternative vantage points. he composes a different landscape of architectural reality through series photography.