edward walton wilcox// this is american goth

"In Wilcox's spaces, no one can hear you scream — they just watch you do it in radiantly muted, sepia-toned slow-motion. Wilcox's work is a brilliant and romantic star hurtling through the same galaxy as fellow travelers Odd Nerdrum and Hieronymous Bosch, so if you like your aesthetic dread spiked with the imploding placid inevitable, then this is the art for you.”

he recently had an exhibit this past april in LA but is now in berlin. check out some of his other work.  


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  1. I was just going to recommend taking a look at Hieronymous Bosch, who is, btw, one of my favorite artists of all time. But then I read the excerpt. Check out the garden of earthly delights and you'll see what i mean.