lust for life

girls is a dope san francisco based band that i just found out about and so did you.

naturally this video makes me miss the bay. but it basically confirms my hindering inclination of wether or not to move there next fall for grad school.  k and l, enjoy the 'very summer friendly' tune.

it's just.. sometimes I feel like an electro boy in a bubble, producing music no one can hear. all i want is for my tricks to visit but it's impossible for me to associate. they can't even dance with me and when they do, we end up having sex against glass. i may be chasing something i can't find but it's not a dream; just a memory cassette on loop:
music, memory cassette. video, pat vamos

i'm coming.. unless my shit gets real,


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  1. that music video was a replication of our summer.

    juust sayin'